Short Film 'Love & Other Chairs' Released Online

We’re delighted to finally release our award winning short film Love & Other Chairs online following a great festival run over the last 18 months. Filming commenced way back in Spring 2013 and it’s been a fun journey full of exciting opportunities. Being given the opportunity to share our film with so many festivals, venues and events has been fantastic and seeing audience reactions has made all the hard work worthwhile.

Since going live on Vimeo earlier this month, the film has been shortlisted for Shooting People’s ‘Film of the Month’ and was added to the Director’s Notes featured channel which has further helped expand our audience online. Thanks to all who have watched and shared the film so far. Written by Luke Kondor and directed by Christopher Bevan, Love & Other Chairs follows Julian, a lonely man with a severe problem; every woman he meets turns into a chair. After trying to make it work with his girlfriend-turned-furniture-piece, he becomes desperate for love.

Winner of the Grand Prix at the In Short Film Festival, Love & Other Chairs was also awarded the Audience Award at the Focus Film Festival in London. The film was also nominated Best Comedy and Best Sound at the Southampton International Film Festival and received selections from several other festivals including Screen Stockport, Thurrock Film Festival and The Short Cinema.

Love & Other Chairs stars Mark Drake, Faith Knight, Rowan Scarborough, Katie Hind, Della Maylan and Freya Sharp.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to once again thank all of our incredible backers who helped fund this film through a successful IndieGoGo campaign. Without all of you it wouldn’t have been possible and you have our immense gratitude.