Filming On ‘Only Us’ Feature Spec Trailer Wraps

After a week’s shooting up in Scotland and in Derby, production has officially wrapped on the spec trailer for our feature film ‘Only Us’! With development of the film underway, the team decided to embark on an ambitious shoot at the beginning of April to capture scenes and moments that best reflect the full length feature we hope to create. With this in mind the core YSP team and cast set off for Scotland to film in stunning locations on the Isle of Arran and in Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. It was a fantastic experience to be able to shoot several scenes from the film and this gave us real scope for continuing development and having a glimpse of what a full length feature shoot might be like for a film as unique as ‘Only Us’. A huge thank you to the crew and cast for their hard work on what was a difficult but rewarding shoot and we’re very excited to share the results with you as soon as we can.

A British psychological drama thriller, ‘Only Us’ is the story of Josh and Nathalie, a young couple going nowhere and desperate to leave their mundane and unfulfilling lives behind. When a threatening criminal from Josh’s past is released from prison after years behind bars, the couple are forced to run away and set out on the open road. Their trip takes them across the length of the UK and eventually to Paris as they search for a new life whilst escaping from the dangerous and relentless enemy set on making their life a living hell.

For the full length feature, we plan for a small and dedicated core team to travel in the shoes of the characters chronologically as we create this unique and exciting film. Over a month we’ll take in landmarks both known and obscure, giving our film a British identity but also allowing it to translate across borders. We intend to work with actors cast in supporting roles along the way, thereby creating the sense of journey the story takes.

The spec trailer is currently in post-production and we’re looking to begin promoting the film and look to raise interest during Summer 2014. Only Us also represents an opportunity to invest in an innovative film project. The making of this film will be publicised and shared with an extensive community of potential viewers through social media. Whilst looking for traditional distrubution too, we are also looking at directly distributing the film to smaller regional cinemas around the UK with a special focus on cinemas located where filming took place with further plans for DVD and VOD releases. Our proposed budget includes all stages of production and interested investors will have the opportunity to take advantage of generous tax concessions through SEIS arrangements. If you would like to invest in the making of Only Us, or for more information about this exciting project, please contact producer Belinda Basson at

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