Love & Other Chairs Festival Run Begins

Following the film’s completion last month, we’re delighted that our latest short Love & Other Chairs has begun it’s festival run with two selections so far and more than a dozen submissions. Filmed in early 2013 after a successful IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign which raised £1637 (£437 more than our target!), Love & Other Chairs has been in post-production since as we’ve taken time to fine tune the film and ensure that the final product represents the film we set out to make as closely as possible. Written by Luke Kondor and directed by Christopher Bevan, the film tells the story of Julian (Mark Drake), a lonely wreck of a man with a problem; every woman he meets turns into a chair. After trying to make it work with his girlfriend-turned-furniture-piece, he becomes desperate for love.

Since submission to festivals began last month, the film has so far been selected for the Viewster Online Film Festival and the Thurrock Film Festival as part of the Fiction category and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for further selections in the coming months. A massive thanks goes to all of our IndieGoGo backers for making this film possible along with our fantastic cast and crew for working hard to bring it to life. Particular thanks go to our superb editor Silvia de Abreu for bringing the best out of the film and helping push us during a very challenging but exciting post-production.

‘Love & Other Chairs’ is a darkly comic short film which follows Julian’s bizarre unravelling as he tries to come to terms with what is ostensibly the end of a relationship, with the absent loved one taking on the form of a chair. As a director this was such an eye catching idea and the script that writer Luke Kondor had developed was brilliant at showing not just the darkly humourous concept, but also the heartache Julian goes through. In development we discussed the idea of metaphors taking on physical manifestations and we hope that the film will provoke laughter and thought through the unusual manner in which the tale unfolds. The themes resonate quite strongly with us, and we feel like it’s a concept that people can enjoy and hopefully take something away from. We look forward to you seeing the film very soon!

For more information on the film and details on the cast and crew involved, please visit the official Love & Other Chairs Facebook page at or the IMDB page here.