Post-Apocalyptic Short 'Hollow Men' Launches Online

We’re pleased to finally be able to unveil our latest film Hollow Men, a post-apocalyptic short inspired by the T.S Eliot poem of the same name. It’s been a long time coming after many months in post-production tinkering away and building the world our lead character, The Traveller, finds himself in. The genesis of the idea came as part of an experiment to move away from a traditional format and script, instead taking a poem and crafting a story and mood to fit. We were fortunate to have the incredible High Peaks of Derbyshire at our disposal with the unique Mam Tor offering a crumbling road and rocky outcrops, giving us some wonderful visuals to work with. The film has been premiered online which is a first for our shorts, an approach that has allowed us to reach new audiences and so far we’ve been thrilled with the response. Take a look and let us know what you think!