Music video for KETO 'Change' Premieres

Our latest music video for the super talented KETO's debut single 'Change' has premiered on Clash Music! Released on Denizen Recordings, 'Change' marks the first step in a new direction for Nottingham artist Leah Sinead and we jumped at the chance to work with her in the Autumn of 2014. When shooting the video, director Christopher Bevan was strongly influenced by Lord of the Flies and the Lost Boys when it came to shaping the story of a group of young and older children fighting and living wild in dense woodlands, watched over by a mysterious and manipulative presence.

Leah and Chris both felt the song and visuals perfectly complimented each other and as the collaboration progressed, everything fell into place. We're excited that the final result has now been released. You can take a look at the final video below via our Vimeo channel or head over to KETO's official Youtube link here. Thanks of course go to our cast and crew for their hard work in bringing this to life!