YSP Media is delighted to be able to announce the production of short psychological science-fiction film Connective Tissue from debut writer-director Matthew B.C. and producer Christopher Bevan. Principal photography was completed in Nottingham in October 2018 with post-production currently underway, and we are thrilled to be supporting Matthew’s vision to bring this story to the screen. 

Thomas Beatty stars as Leo in Connective Tissue

Starring Thomas Beatty, Connective Tissue follows an addict hacker as he discovers an alien frequency that has left his twin brother in a vegetative state. Finding a way to bring his brother back will involve revealing where the frequency came from and finding out exactly what it wants - a result that could force the hacker to question his own identity and what it really means to connect with the word around him.

Influenced by the cryptic works of Philip K. Dick and William Gibson as well as counter-culture icons Terrence McKenna and Alex Grey, Connective Tissue is a slick, psychedelic cyberpunk story that looks to the themes of identity and self-discovery to combine style with substance.

Writer-director Matthew B.C. makes his debut with Connective Tissue

“The balance between entertainment and ideology is key and it has become the clear focus of my work,” says writer-director Matthew B.C. “The questions you are asking regarding life or the human condition form the foundation in which to tell a story but it’s how you choose to present that stylistically where you get the opportunity to engage with an audience. Connective Tissue thrives on the power of absurdity and manic tension to make an impression - it gives you no choice but to sit up and take notice.”

“As soon as I met Matthew and heard his vision and ideas surrounding the film that would become Connective Tissue, I was immediately excited at the possibilities and the striking approach he was taking with the material”, says producer Christopher Bevan. “We were blessed to have a talented and hard working cast and crew who came together in support of this vision and I’m very much looking forward to sharing this film and building on what we have created so far in the future.”

Director of Photography Thomas Pierrepont

On his debut film, Matthew can’t overstate the importance of having a focused team in order to bring his vision to life. “When you spend all your time putting pen to paper, it is hard to appreciate the physical and logistical process of turning that script into something tangible. After seeing the outstanding effort that Christopher and our dedicated team put into making Connective Tissue a reality, I am in awe of the passion and love for film it takes to be great in every aspect of production. Needless to say, this was the perfect situation for any first-time director to be in.”

Connective Tissue is slated for completion by Spring 2019 and we are subsequently planning a targeted festival submissions run followed by an online premiere later in the year. Ahead of this we are delighted to be able to share the very first look at the film through a selection of behind the scenes images taken by our unit stills photographer Gemma O’Brien.

Art Director Christina Cushing talks on set with writer-director Matthew B.C.

Thomas Beatty as Leo and 1st AC Seb Hawkins

Filming on Day Two of Connective Tissue

Director of Photography Thomas Pierrepont

Hair and Make Up Designer Monica Montalvo and Costume Designer Sammy-May Buxton

Thomas Beatty in the make up chair

Thomas Beatty as Leo in one of the more intense scenes in Connective Tissue


  • Writer-Director: Matthew B.C.

  • Producer: Christopher Bevan

  • Leo/Eric: Thomas Beatty

  • Director of Photography: Thomas Pierrepont

  • Editor: Darrin Brading

  • Art Director: Christina Cushing

  • Costume Designer: Sammy-May Buxton

  • Hair and Make Up Designer: Monica Montalvo

  • Sound: Benjamin Hodge

  • 1st Assistant Director: Alex J. Withers

  • 1st Assistant Camera: Seb Hawkins

  • 2nd Assistant Camera: Farhan Naushahi

  • Gaffer: Brett Turner

  • Units Stills Photographer: Gemma O’Brien

  • VFX Specialist: Luke Kondor

  • Art Department Assistant: Abigail Wardle

  • Production Assistants: Jayne Slater, Tyler King Johnson

Connective Tissue (Green Text).gif