Green Eco Technologies 'WasteMaster' Promotional Video


Working in co-production with Dreamfusion Productions, we recently completed video work for Green Eco Technologies (GET) for their range of WasteMaster food conversion systems. Our focus whilst developing the project was to convey an effective message on how GET develop, supply and manage their innovative, efficient, and environmentally beneficial, on-site solutions for the conversion and re-purposing of food waste into reusable resources.

The process of development on the film allowed us to work alongside the GET team to deliver a film that explains the challenges of food waste for businesses, and how the WasteMaster presents a green-friendly solution. A combination of live action footage and animation was used to explore the operation and management of the system, as well as the many benefits it canprovide.

The final film, a 5-minute showcase of the WasteMaster has been released online ahead of the unveiling of the system at the RWM Exhibition in Birmingham for the energy, water, waste and recycling markets. GET’s WasteMaster food conversion system uses unique proprietary technology to accelerate the decomposition of food waste, without any additives and without odour, reducing it to a more manageable residual material, which can be re-used in positive ways such as the production of green energy through anaerobic digestion.

With offices in the UK, Australia and Japan, GET is focused on helping customers to reduce the impact of their food waste disposal both on their businesses and the Environment.

It was a pleasure to work with our co-production partners Dreamfusion Productions on this film along with our client GET. The completed film is now available to view above and will be distributed across social media platforms beginning this Autumn. For more information on the WasteMaster system please visit If you are interested in finding out more about the film and are looking for something similar for your own business, please get in touch with us here.