Premiere of Jobseekers Pilot Takes Place in Derby

The highly anticipated premiere screening of the pilot episode of Jobseekers took place at Derby QUAD on 8th December in front of a sold out audience. Shot during the summer in Derby, Jobseekers records the hilarious and sometimes ridiculous challenges and obstacles that each of them encounters and has to overcome in their respective efforts to find work after being reunited in the city. The production began filming in July for 7 days and wrapped after 3 pick up days in August with a team of over 100 people involved.

Cast and crew attended the screening too with a Q&A featuring some of the team behind the show talking about their experiences filming the pilot and plans for the future of the sitcom. The evening kicked off at 4pm with a VIP event in The Box for invited local businesses with members of theJobseekers and YSP Media team giving insight into the making of the pilot as well as plans for future productions. A red carpet led the way to the 234 seat Cinema One where the screening took place after an introduction from co-writer Lee Dilley and director Christopher Bevan. We were thrilled by the response to the pilot with some tremendous laughs and calls for more being among the highlights. It’s a testament to the hard work of all involved that viewers were keen to find out what happens to the characters next and we are keeping our fingers crossed this can happen.

In 2014 we’ll begin pitching the show and taking the pilot to production companies and comissioners to see if there would be any interest in further developing Jobseekers. It was a genuine privelege to be able to bring this project to life with our co-producer Belinda Basson of DreamFusion Productions being instrumental in the success of bringing everything together to make this happen. We were fortunate to have an incredibly talented and hard working cast and crew too, without whom reaching this moment would not have been possible. The screening night was one we won’t forget soon and thank you to all who attended for making it special. You can see photos taken at the event over at the Jobseekers Facebook page here with photography by Dave Bird We’ve also linked below our appearance on BBC Radio Derby following the screening with co-writer Paul J. Farrell and director Christopher Bevan in the studio to discuss the future of the sitcom.