Pink Flora Collection Screens In Edinburgh At CineFringe Film Festival

Last week our short documentary Pink Flora Collection was screened as part of the official selection of the CineFringe Film Festival, the only film event of the Edinburgh Fringe. We were absolutely delighted that the film could continue to be seen by a wider audience and help raise awareness for breast cancer as well as tell the stories of the brave ladies involved in the film. Pink Flora Collection was inspired by Monika Codrington’s Pink Flora Collection from the Breast Cancer Charity Event organised by The Best of Derby. The collection was modelled by women who have survived breast cancer and this documentary tells their story, revealing the thought process behind the design as well as the event held at the Derby Conference Centre back in October 2011.

In describing Pink Flora Collection on their website, CineFringe wrote, “A subtle and moving documentary based around a charity event but, interestingly, never showing it to us – instead we share stories from a group of women brought together by breast cancer, their experiences all the time juxtaposed with the playfulness of their children all around them. A beautifully simple but powerful idea”. Pink Flora Collection screened as part of the No More Polar Bears selection 3 held on 19th, 22nd and 25th April in Edinburgh. We also received a lovely review from culture website The Cult Den, who wrote;

“Last but not least is ‘Pink Flora Collection’, a documentary film brought to us by Christopher Bevan which aims to raise awareness of breast cancer, and does this in a powerful manner. It takes the talking heads of mothers who have had the illness and come through it thanks to the treatment they have received. This cuts this with footage of their young daughters. An interesting juxtaposition with innocence and youth highlights the impact that hits the whole family and the legacy of a woman who is faced with diagnosis. The contrast works well with the young girls providing welcomed comic relief from the harsh realities, lightening the mood when answering questions on why pink is their favourite colour. The balance between this material and the seriousness of the overriding message helps to give the topic emotional perspective. The documentary coincides with a breast cancer charity fashion show, and the work by Monika Codrington lends its name to the film, keeping the colour pink at the forefront throughout.”

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