Derbyshire Olympic Torch Documentary Premieres

Marking a year since the Olympic Games were held in London, our documentary charting the Olympic Torch's journey through Derbyshire premiered at the Alvaston Park Family Funday on Sunday July 28th to a great reception. A co-production between YSP Media and The University of Derby, the documentary was primarily shot on June 29th 2012 when the Olympic torch made it's way through the cities, towns and villages of Derbyshire. With a crew of 20 made up of university film tutors, students and graduates, the project saw small teams visit each torch location to film coverage of it's arrival as well as meet local people involved in the day.

On the day of the film's premiere, director Christopher Bevan was on hand to discuss the making of the film at the several screenings held throughout the afternoon in Alvaston Park. We are hopeful that the film will receive more screenings in the coming weeks to month as we hope to play our part in keeping the legacy of the games alive. With contributors to the documentary including key figures involved in organising events to celebrate the Olympics in the region, the chances are high that the film will indeed reach a wider audience.

For more information on the premiere you can read an article from University of Derby's news feed here or alternatively you can view an early trailer for the project here. To contact regarding a potential screening, please contact the University of Derby's film contact Sean Kirby, University of Derby Press and PR Officer, on 01332 591891 or email: To contact the film's director Christopher Bevan, please e-mail