Currently in development with a Top 100 TV Production company, we co-produced the initial pilot episode for the sitcom Jobseekers which filmed in Derby in July 2013. Written by Lee Dilley, Paul J Farrell & Beth Foster-Hunter, Jobseekers is the story of a group of three friends reunited after years apart and searching for work. For this Midlands born trio, job seeking is a full time career.

The bubble has burst, the recession has taken its toll and big city dwelling ‘middle manager’ Ben is forced back into his old way of life in a socially dwindling Derby. Meanwhile an old and very close friend, Gaz, while struggling to find a focus in life finds himself potentially hindered, but more probably entertained by Josh. Josh is the salt of the earth and just as simple. As they battle through life trying to find one, they find confusion, awkwardness and the bizarre at every turn. In short, they’re the unemployed who bring a new meaning to the term job seeking.

Co-produced by Belinda Basson of Dreamfusion Productions and YSP Media, the project was developed over the course of several months in the city. Jobseekers co-writer Lee Dilley was heavily influenced by his own experiences when working on the script. “During my employment I struggled with making ends meet and would snatch at any job opportunity that came up, most evident with me having nine temp jobs within one year ranging from a meter reader to a play worker. I recall applying for 120 jobs within one week and only receiving one response back for a shelf-stacking job, that stated I was over qualified. Jobseekers is a very British comedy but revolves around a world recession and, as such, has got a lot of heart.”

Director Christopher Bevan was delighted to be involved in Jobseekers and after first reading the script, he was instantly hooked. "The writing team have really developed something that I think a lot of people will be able to relate to and there’s a wealth of hilarious, outrageous and touching moments that I think our audience will be able to connect with."

Jobseekers was filmed in Derby from 15th-21st July with 3 further days filmed during August. We held a successful screening of the pilot at Derby QUAD on 8th December in front of a sold out audience, with a follow up screening taking place at BAFTA in London on April 5th 2014 to a great response. Moving forward the writers have taken the pilot to television production companies and are currently in the process of pitching the series, which has been optioned by a Top 100 London based TV production company which has a fantastic track record. We were thrilled to be involved in the genesis of this fantastic series and hope that the results of pitching and development will be a success for the writing team.