Our film production arm is our jewel in the crown here at YSP Media and we're immensely proud of our extensive portfolio of award winning work. Over the past ten years of filmmaking we've strived to continually push forward and develop our narrative storytelling and our most recent efforts in particular have excited and entertained audiences around the world through exposure both at film festivals and online. The two biggest shorts on our slate to date were both funded following incredibly successful crowdfunding campaigns and we've also striven to challenge ourselves with smaller short films developed within time constraints as part of nationwide film challenges. Below you can find a selection of our film content developed over the last few years as well as previews for films currently touring the festival circuit both nationally and internationally. As our collaborators can atest to, we are dedicated to producing top quality work with the highest standards of production, professionalism and dedication to our craft.


MAKE DO OR MEND (2018)                                            Director: Christopher Bevan    Writer: Dan McGrath

With death never more than a misstep away, two hunters must decide whether to embrace the inevitable or fight against their fate. Made for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2018.

TRANSCENDED (2016)                                                     Director: Christopher Bevan    Writer: Dan McGrath

After two friends rescue a human test subject, uncovering her true purpose puts their resolve and their loyalty to the test. Made for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Challenge 2016.

HOLLOW MEN (2016)                                                     Director & Writer: Christopher Bevan    Co-Writer: Karl Poyzer

A lone traveller wanders through the desolate lands in search of hope and truth in this post-apocalyptic short inspired by the poem 'The Hollow Men' by T.S Eliot.

LOVE & OTHER CHAIRS (2014)                                       Director: Christopher Bevan    Writer: Luke Kondor

Julian has a problem; every woman he meets turns into a chair. After trying to make it work with his girlfriend-turned-furniture-piece, he becomes desperate for love.

THE OPEN DOOR (2013)                                                           Director: Christopher Bevan    Writer: Karl Poyzer

Affected by a peculiar virus, one girl’s incredible abilities prove to be a talent and a terror in our short for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2013.

CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHTS (2012)                           Director: Christopher Bevan    Writer: Adam Lock

Keith is a taxi driver going through a midlife crisis. He takes the night shifts to forget his worries and buries his issues. One particularly catastrophic night he decides to make a change and face his problems head on. 

THE TRIAL (2013)                                                               Directors & Writers: Phil Arnold & Mark Player

Joseph Grigson is placed under arrest for a crime he didn’t commit. To prove his innocence, he is offered the chance to take part in an experimental new form of interrogation. A sci-fi short co-production with Anglo Klaxon Pictures.

ONE STEP FORWARD (2012)                                                   Director: Christopher Bevan    Writer: Karl Poyzer

When Jamie and Laura get tired of playing by life's rules, they decide it's time to cheat. YSP Media's entry for the Smoke and Mirrors 48 Hour Competition 2012

BIRTHDAY BASH  (2013)                                                       Director: Christopher Bevan    Writer: Joseph Maudsley

Amy helps Jesse celebrate his birthday in a memorable way in this award winning comedy filmed for the Five Lamps Films 24 Hour Film Challenge.

GIBBERISH (2011)                                                             Director: Felix Harber    Writer: Benjamin Hodge

A young and determined city worker encounters a bizarre elderly woman on his daily bus journey to work. At first giving him the impression that she is raving mad, he soon begins to realise that she is nothing like he could have ever expected.

HOME INVASION (2012)              Director & Writer: Christopher Bevan

The long reach of crime invades a home that will never be the same again. With rioting across the UK taking hold, a mother struggles to keep her family together as the effects take hold.

THE FORBIDDEN ART (2012)                Dir: Christopher Bevan   Wr: Ben Hodge

An artist with a penchant for the macabre invites his latest subject to be painted and become part of the collection. Placed third in the Five Lamps 24 Hour Film Challenge 2012.

A DETAIL MISSED (2012)                    Dir: Christopher Bevan    Wr: Karl Poyzer

Footage recovered from incident location #30976202 Location: Elmeswood, UK. Condition: Detail Missed. Made for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2012.

Our films have won awards and been screened at festivals all around the world. Below you'll find a sample of just some of the official selections, nominations and awards our films have received over the last few years. We're thrilled with the response the films have had and we look forward to reaching more festivals and audiences in the coming years.